3 arts club cafe

3 Arts Club Café

easily one of the prettiest places in the city- RESTORATION HARDWARE CHICAGO HOSTS ONE OF THE SIXTEEN HOGSALT GROUP'S DINING VENUES. 3 arts club café, a restaurant and atelier of modern architecture and seasonal delicacies; curates a simple prep of fish, a truffle cheese sandwich, and a house bellini around an exceptionally gorgeous loggia that creates a one-of-a-kind and across-the-world feeling. a traditional atmosphere in one corner formed through the exaggerated drapery and light fixtures integrates simplicity, along with opulence, through the modern design style of the upper gallery floors. any place you can sit, you can dine- making the pantry an inviting place to manifest the lifestyle one wants for themselves. a terrace from the floor to the roof, gary friedman and brendan sodikoff transformed this 1914 structure of what was previously a women's performance, musical, and visual art school into a café, pantry, and wine vault that upholds its history, and beautifully welcomes you into the culinary and decorative arts of, say, where budapest meets napa valley. Restoration Hardware is thee visual of my writing.